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Unlike worldwide trend, Park & pitch culture hasn’t taken off in India due to prohibitive equipment’s cost, non-availability of infra and safety/security concerns.


We at C&C bring you the Caravan, Camping and Tenting experience on “Do It Yourself” model.  

Our locations


27km from Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
Lake view and Jungle experience
Temp : Summers 15-35 degree


65km from Kathgodam, Uttrakhand
42km from Naukuchiatal/Bhimtal.
Himalaya and Valley view
Temp : Summers 10-25 degree


115km from Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
50km from Motiapathar/Mukteshwar
Amidst Pine forest and Hills
Temp : Summers 12-30 degree


140km from Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
20km from Jageshwar
Hill top with river and Himalaya view
Temp : Summers 12-30 degree


100km from Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
70km from Motiapathar/Mukteshwar
River side camping
Temp : Summers 15-35 degree


80km from Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
15km from Motiapathar/Mukteshwar
Hill top camping with Himalaya view
Temp : Summers 10-25 degree

Location map

Wandering Options


Hire a Caravan

Self Drive vehicle :

  • Xylo, Isuzu V-cross
  • Sleeps 2/4 persons (2 inside and 2 on tent on car roof),
  • Cooking facility with utensils, fridge etc.
  • Sit inside the car with swivel seats. Folding chairs/table, awning equipped.
  • Barbeque equipment’s.

Chauffeured Vehicles :

  • Tempo Traveller
  • Sleeps 4/8 persons
  • Cooking facility with utensils, fridge, Microwave etc.
  • Toilet with bathing facility
  • Sit out inside the car with swivel seats. Folding chairs/table, awning equipped.

Caravan Parking Venues

  • We provide Safe and Secured caravan parking venues. These are either fenced or under caretaker arrangement. This ensures safety from animals and rogue humans.
  • These are hand picked Remote locations far from maddening crowds and are located in wilderness with either a jungle or lake-view or Himalaya-view or River side or in forest.
  • Our locations are in close proximity to each other. With 40 to 100 kms drive between venues, you can design a Multi-Location Itinerary and stitch yourself a variety of adventure/experience.
  • These locations provide the Infrastructure viz Parking space, Toilets/washrooms, Drinking Water, Limited Electricity (some venues), Critical supplies, Attendant/helper etc.

Park & Pitch (tents)

  • These venues have option of parking your vehicles. We will provide you a variety of Tenting Equipment’s on hire/night.
  • The Equipment’s/Tent gear are hired on ‘Do it Yourself’ basis. These are easy to install and dismantle. Pitching itself is a unique experience for the guests. It’s a good bonding/team building exercise and gives guests a great sense of achievement.
  • Guests must Pitch, Dismantle, Clean their area, Carry their waste before leaving. Alternately the same is charged by the park.



Buy : Overlanding gears


Roof top tent

Utility box




The Overlanders



What to do!

New products are coming soon!
  • Nature gazing, Enjoying the view, Exploring the location, Flora & Fauna, Bird watching
  • Honing your photography skills (FB, Insta, Tiktok posts)
  • Pick your wood, light a bonfire, do a Barbeque and listen to music
  • Read, Play Cards/Chess/Ludo etc
  • Jungle trek/walk
  • Do it yourself – Cooking, bed etc
  • Meditate, Yoga
  • We recommend : Doing nothing at all……

Do the New!

Hire Caravan and Camping equipment.....
Park and pitch with us or wander per your plan!
Discover all inclusive and exploratory vacation deals at one or more of our locations.

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